Friday 18 January 2019





Ravenscroft (formally Sparks) are a third year team in the Women's division, and current back to back champions of the division.  They have a strong core and some useful young talent making them the favourites once more for the title.

Roster: Emma Hicks (cap), Katie Cochrane, Emma Sykes, Katie Le Gallez, Jo Jehan, Ieva Babina, Sara Geall, Shannon Higgins, Abi Mills, Jenny Dunne, Jess Renouf, Ali Higgins, Mel Jiminez

Training: Wednesday 6-7pm at Les Ozouets Campus

Contact: Emma Hicks 07781 428828


League Table

Team Played Won Lost Points For Against Diff
1 Ravenscroft 0
2 Praxis Pumas 0
3 Comets 0
4 LMS Storm 0